The Crown Princess visits Malmö

On Friday 23 March, The Crown Princess visited Malmö to find out about the City of Malmö's work in connection with Agenda 2030. The visit to Malmö concluded with The Crown Princess meeting pupils, mentors and homework helpers who are taking part in Drivkraft's mentoring and homework help programme.

The day began at Form Design Center on Lilla Torg in Malmö, where representatives from the City of Malmö began by describing their work with Agenda 2030. They emphasised the importance of circular thinking and focusing on the next generation. The City of Malmö was the first to sign up to Agenda 2030, and is active in working locally to contribute globally.

The morning concluded with The Crown Princess learning about the development of Sege Park, a former health facility where a future sustainable residential area is planned. The Crown Princess visited Sege Park, where architect Juliet Leonette-Lidgren and Anna Heide from the property company Trion spoke about the plans.

The Crown Princess and the County Governor meet head teacher Maria Jarlsdotter, teachers Elin Dahmberg and Sara Böök, and pupils Fanny Svensson and Anna Jörgensson at Malmö Latin School. Photo:

At lunchtime, The Crown Princess visited Malmö Latin School where head teacher Maria Jarlsdotter, teachers Elin Dahmberg and Sara Böök, and pupils Fanny Svensson and Anna Jörgensson talked about the school's work with the goals of Agenda 2030 and how these are incorporated into the school's activities and teaching.

After lunch, The Crown Princess visited Sysav's waste management facility. Here, The Crown Princess found out how Sysav works with schools, meeting thousands of children and young people every year to teach them about the company's operations.

At the end of the visit to Sysav, The Crown Princess was given a guided tour of the waste management facility and the waste-to-energy plant.

Rustan Nilsson talks about Sysav's operations. Photo:

The day in Malmö concluded with The Crown Princess visiting Möllevång School and the Drivkraft programme. The Crown Princess was welcomed to Möllevång School by head teacher Andreas Katsanikos, who talked about the school and its partnership with Drivkraft.

Drivkraft provides mentoring and homework help, and is supported by The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation. Jessika Grundström, Operational Manager at Drivkraft, talked about Drivkraft's work and development within the region, and about the specific activities being carried out at Möllevång School. The visit was rounded off with The Crown Princess meeting pupils, mentors and homework helpers who spoke about their experiences of the Drivkraft programme.

Malmö's work with Agenda 2030

Malmö aims to become a sustainable city, and has therefore made the UN's global sustainable development goals its own goals. Global challenges are also local, and municipalities and county councils have a key role to play in this work. The City of Malmö was Sweden's first municipality to sign up to Agenda 2030. Malmö is also one of the pilot municipalities for the Swedish Government's work with the sustainable development goals.

About Drivkraft

Drivkraft is aimed at secondary school pupils, and offers them a mentor. The mentor and the pupil meet at least twice a month over the course of an academic year. Every month, Drivkraft organises joint activities for all current mentoring relationships. Drivkraft offers many children their first chance to try skating, a combat sport or riding, or to go to an ice hockey match.

Drivkraft also provides homework help once or twice a week at its partner schools. It is staffed by voluntary homework helpers, and offers pupils support and assistance with their homework in their own environment, immediately after the end of school.

Drivkraft currently works at 19 schools in Malmö, Helsingborg and Landskrona.

The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation

The Crown Princess Couple set up the foundation to give children and young people the opportunity to develop into strong, secure individuals with a positive outlook. The Crown Princess Couple's Foundationexternal link, opens in new window highlights, finances and initiates important initiatives that work for good health and a strong sense of community among children and young people in Sweden. In 2016, the foundation established Generation Pep, which works to raise awareness of and encourage commitment to issues relating to the health of children and young people.